Imperial Roman Officer

Imperial Roman Officer

  • Hardened leather
  • Detachable cape
  • Antique brass hardware

This is an excellent handmade full size suit of leather armor complete with muscled breastplate, backplate, double row of skirt strips (pteruges) with brass studs, shoulder pteruges, spaulders with metal accents, greaves, studded bracers and detachable cape.

Not only does this suit look cool, it's very comfortable to wear. Made from 8/9oz. water-hardened vegetable tanned leather & shown stained in rustic brown, giving it a dark brown appearance with a hint of red. The bracers are usually 7/8 oz. for better comfort.

This suit was designed to fit up to an approx. 36/40" waist and a height of approx. 5'7" to 6', so it will fit a variety of sizes, but can be custom fit to suit your needs. The sides are specially designed to accomdate a variety of waist sizes as well. Please inquire about chest sizes 44" and up. We've actually made many variations of Roman armor, so let us know if you have any special requests.

You'll be pleased with this armor and your friends will be impressed!

The helmet, tunic and weapons are not included.

Additional Pictures

Imperial Roman Officer 2
Roman Bracers
Roman Greaves
Imperial Roman Officer 3
Imperial Roman Officer 4
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