Centurion Muscle Cuirass

Centurion Muscle Cuirass

  • Hardened leather
  • 6 buckles
  • Metallic Shoulders
  • Weathered

A perfect choice for your Roman Centurion outfit. This will fit a variety of sizes and can be custom made to suit your needs. The sides are specially designed to accomdate a variety of waist sizes. The spaulders are made from heavier 9/10 oz. leather and are weathered and battle-damaged for a realistic effect. Even up close, most people will believe it's actually metal. They are also articulately designed which lets them move around with the arms. It has six buckle straps and antique brass ornaments. The breastplate is shown stained antique black, giving it a dark brown natural weathered look.

Includes: breastplate, backplate and both main spaulders.

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Roman Centurion 3
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